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Our Story

A U.S.-born son of Iranian immigrants, I lived for many years in Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. As I met people from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, I noticed that many Europeans had something in common: They regularly gave each other gifts of tasty, ornately packaged sweets.

When I returned to the States, I didn’t encounter anything quite like Parisian pastries — until the first time I visited my parents’ homeland, Iran. The bakers there made French pastries that surpassed the ones I had in France. On top of that, I discovered a whole universe of magnificent Persian sweets unknown in Europe.

When I met my wife, Pardis, in Tehran, I came across the same social custom I’d witnessed in Europe. Only more so. On every holiday and special occasion, friends and families offer each other amazing Persian sweets in beautiful packages.

​So when we settled in Dallas, we continued the tradition of enjoying Persian sweets and offering them as gifts to our friends. Whenever they tried one of these delicacies, they absolutely loved it. So we asked ourselves, “Why isn’t everyone eating Persian sweets?” The answer: “Because not everyone has tasted them.”

​We decided that was a wrong we could right. We founded Pajama Sweets in 2016, and we started with Pistachio Brittle.

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