The Goods


Meet your new best friend: Pajama Sweets Pistachio Brittle.

It happens every time. Whenever people sample our flagship candy, Pistachio Brittle, their eyes instantly light up. Their taste buds have just made a new best friend.

Pistachio Brittle tastes exotic, yet familiar. Relish the oversized brittle cookies’ savory pistachios, and then enjoy the notes of saffron, cardamom, and buttery goodness. “It’s delicious and different” — that’s something we hear a lot.

And Pistachio Brittle is incredibly addictive. Go ahead, snap off a piece. Then try to eat just one.

But it’s not quite “brittle.”

You’re right. It’s not quite as brittle as peanut brittle, it’s not quite as crunchy as toffee. Pistachio Brittle is somewhere between the two — and its own thing. Want to call it “broffee”? Or “trittle”? Sure, why not?


But really. What makes Pajama Sweets’ Pistachio Brittle taste so good?

Simple. It’s all in the ingredients: pistachios, saffron, cardamom, sprouted wheat, … And a little butter always makes everything better. Quality isn’t cheap: Ounce for ounce, saffron costs more than gold. But great quality delivers great taste. And those ingredients are all-natural. No GMOs, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no trans fats.

Worried about the sugar? Don’t be. One of the raves we most often hear about Pistachio Brittle is that it’s not too sweet. It strikes a delicate savory-sweet balance.

Who invented Pistachio Brittle?

There’s an old legend that a Persian villager concocted the recipe to ease a grouchy king’s tummy ache. Ever since, the brittle could be found inside every Persian king’s pantry — and on every citizen’s coffee table. (We can’t claim medicinal value, but that villager was on to something.)


Wait. Pistachio Brittle … with wine?

Pistachio Brittle pairs perfectly with hot tea, coffee — and yes, wine. Is it the savory pistachios? Is the sweet playing off the wine’s acidity? Or is the cardamom adding a sprinkle of spice to your vino? Whatever it is, it works.

A Thing of Beauty

What’s with the Pajama Sweets logo?

You mean the young woman playing a harp? We call her Ava. In Persian, “Ava” means the sound of music. There’s an Ava in all of us.


Packaging that’s lovely enough to eat. (But don’t.)

We take special care and pride in our packaging design and materials. The artwork is by an acclaimed Persian master. The packaging is recyclable tin-plated steel. And the water- and oil-based inks are food safe.

Give Pajama Sweets to your family and friends — or give it to yourself. Either way, no wrapping paper needed.


Where can you find Pajama Sweets?

The easiest way is right here on the Pajama Sweets website or our Shopify store. Look for us soon at your nearest café, gift shop, grocery store, department store, and convenience store.

Why the phrase on the side of the tins, “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds”?

It’s not just a nice idea. It’s a principle from the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism. Our customers want to live the good life — spiritually and physically. They’re sensitive to ethics, politics, the environment, and they want to enjoy themselves, too. So take the phrase as a mantra … while you break off another piece of Pistachio Brittle.


...And what's the story behind the scene of birds on the blue tin?

It's a story that resonates with our customers. The scene is a reference to the poet Attar's masterpiece, The Conference of the Birds. The poem recounts how the birds of the world hold a grand assembly to decide who will be their leader. The wisest of the birds declares they must seek out the legendary bird, Simorgh (literally "thirty birds" in Persian), who is truly their king and lives across the world secluded on a mountaintop. The birds set upon their journey to Simorgh, however along the way they suffer and fall away from misfortune and their own mistakes. Only thirty birds remain as they arrive at the mountaintop, but they don't find their supposed leader -- only a pool of water. As they fly over the water, they see only their reflection and realize they're the leader they were looking for.

Who's Pajama Sweets?

Our Story

A U.S.-born son of Iranian immigrants, I lived for many years in Europe: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. As I met people from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, I noticed that many Europeans had something in common: They regularly gave each other gifts of tasty, ornately packaged sweets.

When I returned to the States, I didn’t encounter anything quite like Parisian pastries — until the first time I visited my parents’ homeland, Iran. The bakers there made French pastries that surpassed the ones I had in France. On top of that, I discovered a whole universe of magnificent Persian sweets unknown in Europe.

When I met my wife, Pardis, in Tehran, I came across the same social custom I’d witnessed in Europe. Only more so. On every holiday and special occasion, friends and families offer each other amazing Persian sweets in beautiful packages.

So when we settled in Dallas, we continued the tradition of enjoying Persian sweets and offering them as gifts to our friends. Whenever they tried one of these delicacies, they absolutely loved it. So we asked ourselves, “Why isn’t everyone eating Persian sweets?” The answer: “Because not everyone has tasted them.”

We decided that was a wrong we could right. We founded Pajama Sweets in 2016, and we started with Pistachio Brittle.



Giving Back

Pajama Sweets gives back.


Pajama Sweets gives a portion of proceeds to girls’ and women’s causes: civil rights, healthcare, education, and entrepreneurship. With a daughter of our own, we know just how important these issues are.


How do you become part of the Pajama Sweets community?


Pajama Sweets upholds a culture of ethics, quality, and community, and we work with partners who share our core values. If these are important to you, too, and you want to do meaningful work, then come help build Pajama Sweets. We will honor your work and share our success together. Call us at 972-971-1596 or write us at



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